Things to Do in Portugal

Are you planning to go somewhere this coming summer season? Why not choose to visit and explore Portugal? The country is already a beauty. But, once you discover more of the hidden wonders of the country, just visiting would never be enough. There is still much to discover in Portugal aside from the already known common destinations there. The ancient architecture in the place is also something that you should never forget to see. There are still a lot more things to do in Portugal. What are these?

Drink Port. If you appreciate drinking the famous sherry of Spain, you will also feel the same when you have a taste of Portugal’s port. Port is a dessert wine made in Porto city. However, the wine beverage must first be transported past the harbor for it to be recognized as the ‘port.’ It is for this reason that several of the cellars where port is stored and allowed to matured are located on the opposite of the Douro banks. You can drink dry port, white or the off-dry port.

Go to the Shrine at Fatima. Every thirteenth of October and feast days of May, many pilgrims are crowding Fatima village. People are visiting the shrine, which was the place reported in 1917 where three children saw the Virgin Mary apparition and spoke to them saying that she is ‘Our Lady of the Rosary’. Since then, it has been the practice of Catholic pilgrims to visit the shrine in Fatima.

Enjoy the Sands at Algarve Beach. Algarve is considered as a primary spot where tourists are always going. Every year, there are more than 7 million people that are reported to go to the place. Algarve beach shows stunning coastal scenery that visitors must never forget to explore. Enjoy the feel of the beach’s sands by strolling or even lying down on the sand.

Climb the Famous Torre De Belem. Belem is a town known in the area for its rich history as well as historic buildings. It is the place where most Portuguese travelers are setting sail from. The last one who was known to set sail from there was Vasco Da Gama himself.

Exploring the beauty of the place while working on your listed things to do in Portugal would be a fun thing. But, do not forget to keep learning about the place too while on your exploration.

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