How Much Does it Cost to Live in Portugal?

Portugal is a unitary semi-presidential republic which can be found in the south-western part of Europe. This is the westernmost country in the mainland of Europe that is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is named after the second largest city which is the “Porto” or “Portus Cale” in Latin. Aside from that, this is considered as a well developed country due to its high living standards and advanced economy. It also recognized as the world’s most peaceful and globalized nation. On May 31, 2010, this country became the sixth popular country in Europe and 8th in the whole world where same sex marriage is allowed.

When talking about on the cost of living in this country, actually, it has been raised as compared to the past few decades. The major cities in Portugal are now in the average level even though these places are located in the low rural area. It is true that this country has a low standard of living. According to the UBS prices and earnings, Lisbon had been ranked as 47th placer out of the 58 most expensive countries around the world.

As time goes by, there is an increased in the salaries and prices of services and goods in this country along with the other countries in Europe. The expensive items that can be found in Portugal are cars, clothes, and other goods that are needed by Portuguese in their everyday life. But, there are also lots of items or goods in this county that are offered at a cheaper price. You can buy most items at a very expensive rate in other countries from the European continent. Only in Portugal where you can see affordable rental houses, properties, top resort areas, general places that offer entertainment, foods, and a lot more.

It is really hard to calculate the overall cost of living in this country because it always depends in the needs of the people and also in the kind of lifestyle they have. Aside from that, the cost food that you can eat in Portugal also depends on what you have ordered or purchased. It is true that the foods in this place are similar with the foods in the USA. However, this place has more affordable foods as compared to the foods available in the countries located in the northern part of Europe.

Most of families who have home in Portugal can successfully survive with their income every month. They can also live peacefully and comfortably whether they have a sufficient or small amount of income. Europeans who permanently live in Portugal can live within the average or within a higher level of way of living.

With this fact, you will think that not all Portuguese are living with a very poor way of living. With the affordable goods and essential things that are sold inside this country, they can easily live comfortably and they don’t encounter major problems especially about their monthly income. So even though you have a small amount of income every month, it is possible for you to life free from worries or stress when you are in Portugal.

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