Highest RTP Playtech slots

bingo 8You are going to find three reel slots, progressive jackpot awarding slots and more than enough bonus game awarding video slots on offer to you when you log onto any casino site online offer the Playtech designed range of slot machines.

However, the savviest slot player is always going to be seeking out the slots on which there is a much higher payout percentage on offer. One thing to keep in mind is that all of the slots designed and supplied by Playtech have had their RTP’s independently certified and as such over time you should get as close to the expected RTP as displayed on the slot games help files.

As Playtech have designed so many different slot games, and as such of them have a different payout percentage, we have compiled the following slot playing guide to help you select out the slots on which an above average payout percentage can be found.

So please do keep reading on for the following slots whilst all fun to play are going to allow you to get much more of your stakes returned as winning payouts the more you play them online, and as such these are the slots you should be actively seeking out to play!

Top Paying Slots from Playtech

Spartacus slot game – Hours of fun and entertainment is what you are going to have available to you when you choose to plays slot games such as the Rome and Glory slot from Playtech. This slot which is a high variance slot has a very reasonable payout percentage which returns to players over their long term play 96.08% of their stakes as winning payouts, so it is certainly a high paying slot to play.

Dr. Lovemore Slot – If you are demanding enormous payout percentages from any online slot games you do decide to play then we think you are not going to go far wrong when playing the Dr Lovemore slot game. This slot comes with a medium variance playing structure and format and with a payout percentage that has been set at 97.01% you should always get plenty of winning combinations making an appearance on your activated paylines!

Desert Treasure Slot – Slot games which do not have too many paylines that need activating are always popular slots to play, as they can be played with maximum line spins for modest stake amounts.

Take for example the Desert Treasure slot, this slot has a set of 20 optional paylines for you to put into play on several different staking options, however when playing it you should always have a fair and reasonable chance of winning thanks to its 97.05% payout percentage.

A Night Out Slot – One final slot game which you should always find to be a great playing and often high paying slot is the Night Out slot. This slot is a multi denomination slot so you can always play it for stakes you can afford, however the best part of it is its huge 97.06% payout percentage!

Tap Air Portugal Online Reservations

TAP Air Portugal now provides an easy and time saving service that allows you to book your flights and buy your ticket via Internet!

TAP Air Portugal makes available via Internet, all its network of Domestic and International destinations for travel between 24 hours and 10 months.

Remark: In case of a one way trip, we suggest you consult us, using our e-mail adress reservas@tap.pt

How to book

When you book through our web site you can choose the following:

Express Mail – If you book your trip 10 working days in advance and live in one of the following countries: Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Canada or United States of America, you can pay with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard or American Express) and tickets will be sent by express mail to the address specified on your registration form.

Pick-up at airline office – You can also pick-up your ticket at your local TAP office within 72 hours after reservation.

E-Ticket – If your destination is eligible for an E-Ticket simply use your credit card. You will receive an e-mail confirming your reservation and successful payment.

Eligible destinations for E-Ticket are:

Domestic Destinations:

Lisbon, Oporto, Faro, Funchal, Porto Santo, Terceira and Horta.

International Destinations:


Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Geneva, London (Heathrow and Gatwick), Madrid, Milan (Malpensa), Munich, Paris (Orly) and Zurich.

United states of America

New York (Newark).


Fortaleza, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador.



How Much Does it Cost to Live in Portugal?

Portugal is a unitary semi-presidential republic which can be found in the south-western part of Europe. This is the westernmost country in the mainland of Europe that is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is named after the second largest city which is the “Porto” or “Portus Cale” in Latin. Aside from that, this is considered as a well developed country due to its high living standards and advanced economy. It also recognized as the world’s most peaceful and globalized nation. On May 31, 2010, this country became the sixth popular country in Europe and 8th in the whole world where same sex marriage is allowed.

When talking about on the cost of living in this country, actually, it has been raised as compared to the past few decades. The major cities in Portugal are now in the average level even though these places are located in the low rural area. It is true that this country has a low standard of living. According to the UBS prices and earnings, Lisbon had been ranked as 47th placer out of the 58 most expensive countries around the world.

As time goes by, there is an increased in the salaries and prices of services and goods in this country along with the other countries in Europe. The expensive items that can be found in Portugal are cars, clothes, and other goods that are needed by Portuguese in their everyday life. But, there are also lots of items or goods in this county that are offered at a cheaper price. You can buy most items at a very expensive rate in other countries from the European continent. Only in Portugal where you can see affordable rental houses, properties, top resort areas, general places that offer entertainment, foods, and a lot more.

It is really hard to calculate the overall cost of living in this country because it always depends in the needs of the people and also in the kind of lifestyle they have. Aside from that, the cost food that you can eat in Portugal also depends on what you have ordered or purchased. It is true that the foods in this place are similar with the foods in the USA. However, this place has more affordable foods as compared to the foods available in the countries located in the northern part of Europe.

Most of families who have home in Portugal can successfully survive with their income every month. They can also live peacefully and comfortably whether they have a sufficient or small amount of income. Europeans who permanently live in Portugal can live within the average or within a higher level of way of living.

With this fact, you will think that not all Portuguese are living with a very poor way of living. With the affordable goods and essential things that are sold inside this country, they can easily live comfortably and they don’t encounter major problems especially about their monthly income. So even though you have a small amount of income every month, it is possible for you to life free from worries or stress when you are in Portugal.

Things to Do in Portugal

Are you planning to go somewhere this coming summer season? Why not choose to visit and explore Portugal? The country is already a beauty. But, once you discover more of the hidden wonders of the country, just visiting would never be enough. There is still much to discover in Portugal aside from the already known common destinations there. The ancient architecture in the place is also something that you should never forget to see. There are still a lot more things to do in Portugal. What are these?

Drink Port. If you appreciate drinking the famous sherry of Spain, you will also feel the same when you have a taste of Portugal’s port. Port is a dessert wine made in Porto city. However, the wine beverage must first be transported past the harbor for it to be recognized as the ‘port.’ It is for this reason that several of the cellars where port is stored and allowed to matured are located on the opposite of the Douro banks. You can drink dry port, white or the off-dry port.

Go to the Shrine at Fatima. Every thirteenth of October and feast days of May, many pilgrims are crowding Fatima village. People are visiting the shrine, which was the place reported in 1917 where three children saw the Virgin Mary apparition and spoke to them saying that she is ‘Our Lady of the Rosary’. Since then, it has been the practice of Catholic pilgrims to visit the shrine in Fatima.

Enjoy the Sands at Algarve Beach. Algarve is considered as a primary spot where tourists are always going. Every year, there are more than 7 million people that are reported to go to the place. Algarve beach shows stunning coastal scenery that visitors must never forget to explore. Enjoy the feel of the beach’s sands by strolling or even lying down on the sand.

Climb the Famous Torre De Belem. Belem is a town known in the area for its rich history as well as historic buildings. It is the place where most Portuguese travelers are setting sail from. The last one who was known to set sail from there was Vasco Da Gama himself.

Exploring the beauty of the place while working on your listed things to do in Portugal would be a fun thing. But, do not forget to keep learning about the place too while on your exploration.

Famous People From Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country with still lots of things to discover about. Whether these are about natural things and sceneries in the place or people who will soon be popular, no one really knows. But, as of present, there are already several individuals from the country who are becoming popular. Some of these people have long been included in the history of the country. The others are just beginning to get known. Some of the famous people from Portugal are:

Cristiano Ronaldo – The Soccer Player

Ever watched soccer games played by professional soccer players? Or, have you ever watched a commercial where the name Cristiano Ronaldo was shown? That person is a very famous soccer player. Would you believe that the same player is Portuguese? He is. He is already one of the top players known in the world. He became popular due to being the Real Madrid’s forward. He was acquired by the team in 2009 from Manchester United at the cost of $131.6 million. Before that year, he served as the captain of his own country’s national team. Before he got famous, he was already someone who can be considered as ‘famous’. In his father’s eyes, that would be the case. Especially if where he got his name is to be considered, which is from an actor that is his father’s favorite – Ronald Reagan. Just in January 2013, he made his 300th goal score, which broke both his franchise and La Liga’s records.

Ferdinand Magellan – The Renowned Explorer

In history, Magellan is known as that Portuguese who became famous because of the exploration that he made. In his exploration, he looked for spices by taking the western route. His family was part of the royal court. That is why when his parent’s died, he became the Portuguese royal court’s page. Magellan was the first ever explorer who sailed from Atlantic going through the Pacific Ocean.

Nani – The Soccer Player

Nani’s birth name is Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha. He is a soccer winger who also became Portugal’s national team member in 2006. The following year, he joined the Manchester United team. Nani started his career at the age of 14 with the Real Massama. In 2010, he was named as the Player of the Year. Nani also was among the players who helped his team in winning 4 Premier Titles, which was acquired from 2007 through 2013.

These are only some of the famous people from Portugal. There are still more of them. If you want to learn more, reading anything related to the country would help.