Highest RTP Playtech slots

bingo 8You are going to find three reel slots, progressive jackpot awarding slots and more than enough bonus game awarding video slots on offer to you when you log onto any casino site online offer the Playtech designed range of slot machines.

However, the savviest slot player is always going to be seeking out the slots on which there is a much higher payout percentage on offer. One thing to keep in mind is that all of the slots designed and supplied by Playtech have had their RTP’s independently certified and as such over time you should get as close to the expected RTP as displayed on the slot games help files.

As Playtech have designed so many different slot games, and as such of them have a different payout percentage, we have compiled the following slot playing guide to help you select out the slots on which an above average payout percentage can be found.

So please do keep reading on for the following slots whilst all fun to play are going to allow you to get much more of your stakes returned as winning payouts the more you play them online, and as such these are the slots you should be actively seeking out to play!

Top Paying Slots from Playtech

Spartacus slot game – Hours of fun and entertainment is what you are going to have available to you when you choose to plays slot games such as the Rome and Glory slot from Playtech. This slot which is a high variance slot has a very reasonable payout percentage which returns to players over their long term play 96.08% of their stakes as winning payouts, so it is certainly a high paying slot to play.

Dr. Lovemore Slot – If you are demanding enormous payout percentages from any online slot games you do decide to play then we think you are not going to go far wrong when playing the Dr Lovemore slot game. This slot comes with a medium variance playing structure and format and with a payout percentage that has been set at 97.01% you should always get plenty of winning combinations making an appearance on your activated paylines!

Desert Treasure Slot – Slot games which do not have too many paylines that need activating are always popular slots to play, as they can be played with maximum line spins for modest stake amounts.

Take for example the Desert Treasure slot, this slot has a set of 20 optional paylines for you to put into play on several different staking options, however when playing it you should always have a fair and reasonable chance of winning thanks to its 97.05% payout percentage.

A Night Out Slot – One final slot game which you should always find to be a great playing and often high paying slot is the Night Out slot. This slot is a multi denomination slot so you can always play it for stakes you can afford, however the best part of it is its huge 97.06% payout percentage!